Office Politics Is Here To Stay

Office Politics Is Here To Stay



The best way to deal with office politics is to accept that it is a part of real work life.


Office politicians thrive in this muddy field. Any office worker should know how to survive this sticky minefield for any attempts to avoid it is near to impossible.  


If you want to try the political ground, you need not feel stressed in thinking of ways how to do it. Authenticity and being natural works pretty well for those who want a clearer way on their career paths without the hassle of being caught up in a game of dirty office politics.


Being aware of safety precautions can guide you against being tossed in the sea of politics and now is the best time to hear out some of these:


Be authentic. Do not try too hard by wearing masks. You do not need masks to pretend that you are someone else other than yourself. Just to try to fit in and be comfortable in certain situations and in front of powerful people.


Try to soften the truth but do not dilute it. It is always better if you are transparent and your agenda is as clear as water. If you are asked about your opinions, tell your colleagues the truth. He may not agree with you and you may come out too strong for him; but you can always say your thoughts in a non-confrontational or acceptable manner.


Be flexible and accept opinions of others. Not all your opinions may be accepted by the majority. Do not attempt to defend some lame positions because people will not buy it and they might have wrong impressions about you.


Practice your listening skills. You can genuinely show your interest to your colleagues by listening to their issues and concerns. You may find this difficult at first so better prepare yourself during these instances.


Put your ego into the backseat because it will not come in handy while playing politics. This will make it hard for you to accept others’ opinion as you go on defending your lame positions to your total detriment.


If you wanted an easy life, do not build an empire. Being a sycophant is different from being genuinely interested to the needs of your co-workers. Do not mix them up. You do not need an army of supporters behind you. If you have what it takes to be on top, they will see it in you without trying so hard.


As much as possible, stay away from gossip and guard your mouth at all times. Gossiping is a very unproductive activity. If you do not want to fall pray to this, never participate in such.


Focus on the concerns and issues at hand. Focus on where you can contribute and be of service.


In case you unintentionally bypassed someone with your actions, apologize later. Realize that sometimes you need to make quick decisions.


Yes, it is possible to minimize the influence of office politics in you and your career. Just be authentic and natural in anything you do and all will be well.