Night Jobs

Night Jobs



Gone are the days when weeknights were reserved for sleeping or for simply kicking back and relaxing. These days, the pressure has gotten so great that majority of people in the workforce are sacrificing their weekends just for a chance to make it big in their jobs.

There are people who naturally need to work late at night, such as those in 24-hour restaurants and convenience stores, radio DJs working the night shift, and security people. There are also those who work at night simply because they choose to, or because they frequently have deadlines that require them to be at work nearly all the time.

Aside from those jobs, there are also people who may need to work late hours due to time differences between their location and those of their clients or employers. These jobs are also daytime jobs, but if you work with people halfway across the globe, you will need to perform your duties at night.


  • Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist – a.k.a editors. If you love to write and you enjoy correcting and critiquing someone’s work, this might be the best job for you. You must have a great eye for detail, especially if you have to edit newspaper or magazine content. QA specialists rely on computers to get their job done right. Usually, they will need to open a PDF or a Word document and insert their comments, corrections, and suggestions on the files they need to correct.


  • Graphic Designers – Although there are some companies that need graphic designers in the morning, there are those who work at night, especially when the company is American-based. You can immediately receive feedback and comments about your designs until the work has been perfected all throughout the night. Graphic designers are generally expected to have ample experience in working with computers and have been able to use various graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


  • Marketing Associate – This is similar to an advertising account executive working in an advertising firm. Marketing associates must ensure timely and quality production on client projects, understand client objectives and propose solutions to marketing concerns. The difference here is that they cater to U.S. clients and they only correspond via e-mail and phone. Anyone who wants this job must be a graduate of a business or marketing course. Like working in an advertising firm, marketing associates learn to communicate well with their foreign employers, express their ideas, and offer suggestions.


  • Business Researcher – This job entails conducting business research in international markets wherein they provide economic and financial statistics, company rankings and profiles, country reports and risk analysis, newspaper and magazine articles and industry and market research reports. As time goes on, business researchers are not restricted to simply conducting research about the market, facts, and figures. Eventually, they learn how the stock market and anything business-related evolves.