Music Power

The Power of Music



There’s no doubt that music can change a person’s mood positively. Music is one of the best therapies against stress-related disorders. More importantly, it elevates the heart to a sentimental level that makes you smile. It is for this reason that music is an instrument that delivers positive values to the emotion, making you want to relive enjoyable moments all over again.


Music with beats and tempos makes you want to swing your hips and dance with it. Musical songs related to events or seasons like birthdays and Christmas makes you feel the spirit of the occasion.


Music is one of the languages of the world that unites nations. Take for example any song made famous by a singer in his native tongue. Once people of a different race hear this song, it will find its way into their own language. Subconsciously, this is one way to strengthen the bond between nations. The world has yet to produce a person who dislikes music. Music is the antidote to disappointments in life. Somehow, it has a curative power - a soothing effect to lift the spirit. It makes you feel young all over again.


With all the benefits that music brings, it is no wonder that it has become part of the branch of alternative healing. Music to the ears is health to the body. It has to be clarified though, that the musical sound referred here should be pleasing to the sense of hearing. Otherwise, it is not categorized as music. Sound that irritates is noise, the opposite of music


Music can come in many forms. The sound of songs and the orchestra are just part of music. The other part constitutes nature. The sound of water streams or raindrops on the windowpane, a gust of wind in the forest, rolling waves by the seashore, and birds chirping are all natural sounds that are music to the ears. They produce a soothing effect that calm the mind. With a calm mind, you can think better. When you are able to think better, you absorb positive thoughts and expel the negative ones.


Children laughing and babies giggling are also music to the ears. They can make you enthusiastic about life. Somehow, these sounds inject vitality to life. If ever you feel that life is pulling you down or you’re in a pressure vessel, remember that music can turn around that pressure into pleasure.


Undeniably, music is the best accompaniment to direct your mind to positive thoughts. The effects are obvious. Music enables you to find ways to make living more worthwhile.


Turn on the music on the radio. You can either sing along or dance along, or do both; it doesn’t matter. The world loves music and you’re part of the world, so let music be an important part of your life.