Mr. Right and Prince Charming

Mr. Right and Prince Charming: Making the Right Decision Could Make Them Materialize!



We have seen it all.  


A woman meets the man of her dreams (as she would often describe him during the first few months of their relationship!), they would date, and before you know it, that all-too-perfect man becomes Mr. Prick or Mr. Know-it-all. Others try to revive the relationship but as statistics show, most would go down the drain.


Before that all-too-painful relationship ensues, there are ways to prevent it. If you are already in one, here are some pieces of advice to make your relationship a slice of heaven (or wake you up, whichever is applicable!).


To be able to make the right decisions in relationships, you must first ‘know’ what is right. If you have to choose to marry or stay single for a few years more, what would you choose? Both choices are good in their own right, but choose which one is better for you.


If you are already in a relationship and your partner argues with you, do you retort with hurtful words or bite your tongue and let it pass out of love for him? Doing what is right or making the right decision requires a great deal of self-control and a high level of maturity. Do not be caught dead at the end of the day with this statement: ‘What was I thinking?’


When it comes to romantic decisions, my friend, there are so many options. But, the king of them all is this: ‘Do not have expectations in relationships or you are bound to be heartbroken’.


It is not totally bad to set standards in a relationship, but once you set a grid that the significant other ‘must’ follow then that’s where the trouble begins. Once what you want is unfulfilled, your doubt would creep on the window and love would start crawling out of the door.


Oprah Winfrey has a word to say for people who want to be in a relationship (let me try to explain this in my own words!):  Look for someone who would supplement you, not one who would complete you. Completion is hard to achieve but balance or harmony is an achievable human feat.


To complement Oprah’s advice, look for someone whom you can have fun with. Be with someone who will not push you to pretend but will make you relax and be yourself. Remember this: How he treats the waiter will show how he will treat you after months of going out! So be wary, too, of how he treats the people around him.


Knowing exactly whom you want is just one side of the coin. Who you are and who you would be is an important factor. You are serious and Dylan is more on the loud side, are you willing to compromise? What about the career that you would take, how do you think it would affect your relationship? Is Tyler willing to sustain a long-distance relationship?


To cap it all, what is important is to know what you really want in a relationship; be able to give way if your partner sucks once in a while; be ready to forgive when offended; and be a living proof of what you would want your partner to be.


You see, respect begets respect, trust brings about trust, and love sows love.