Miraculous Mindset

Miraculous Mindset



So the glass if half empty. The glass is half full. Blah Blah Blah…


A miraculous mindset is not about being happy. It’s not about being ‘positive’. It’s not about Pollyanna positioning.


So what is a miraculous mindset?


It is what sets you apart from the rest of the herd. It can create unheard of opportunities. It can create what some would say are . . . miracles.


So how can you achieve such a mindset?


Great question:


In order to get to the miraculous mindset, you’ve got to start now and with extreme focus.


Do this:


Totally Focus Nonstop for a Month ::

If you have a goal, dream or even if you want to test this concept, give it one month. For one month, focus totally on what you want. If you pray – pray. If you meditate – meditate. How ever you can get into the strongest focus possible – do that.


Do it for one month.


IMPORTANT :: Do NOT doubt that you it will happen. This will be a great test of faith, belief and inner strength. If you need visual help, tack up a photo of something that can help you visualize your end result.


You may not have it in a month. But your mindset will change.


For example, if you dream about a house that your income can not sustain, it may take longer than a month. But, as you have trained yourself over the month, your mindset will be shifting.


It’s true. Old habits are hard to break. But if you’re skeptical AND ARE willing to put this to the test, you will be less skeptical by the end of the month. Do not take that for granted. That’s called progress.


Your mindset is key to achieving success in any field. You mindset is key to accomplishing an outlandish goal. Your mindset is where it all starts. If it’s not right in your mind, it can’t be real in a physical sense – no matter how much you may want it.


Try it. Focus. Believe. It’s more than the law of attraction. It’s the miracle of your mindset.