Let’s say you have an idea which will shortcut the work of the world, make life easier and happier for any number of individuals. You take whatever steps seemed good to you to accomplish this idea, but you reach a point where the lack of money, a lack of knowledge, or other circumstances leaves you high and dry, seemingly at your wits end.

 What are you to do then?
PRAY! And how are you to pray? Jesus gave us the formula “Whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall HAVE them.” Matthew 21:22

But how can you believe that you HAVE when you are at the end of your resources and there is no possible way out, in sight?  How? By knowing that the God in You, your real self, already has the answer in the realm of the real. By seeing the finished result, imagining it or visualizing it, in your minds eye, and then allowing the God in You to show you the next steps necessary to reflect that result on the material plane, in the serene bestcoverconfidence of its existence. Since the God in You has worked out the answers, the expression of it step-by-step through you is simple. Tell yourself and know you are rich, you are successful, you are well, happy and possess everything you desire then believe that you have them. Believe with strong feeling, sincerity and unyielding faith.

No matter how limited your education, no matter how strained your circumstance is, the God in You has the knowledge and the means and the power one millionaires secretto accomplish anything you may desire. Give him a job and it is done! You HAVE it! And you have only to see that finished result in your mind’s eye. ” BELIEVE THAT YOU RECEIVE”- in order to begin to reflect it on the material plane.

The most important factor to using The Law Of Attraction  is the feeling and the sincerity behind your request.  Your feeling is the important thing underlying all of your  requests; what you really believe and how you believe it,  not merely the thoughts,  images or words in themselves.  REMEMBER WELL THIS POINT FOR IT IS A KEY TO YOUR EFFECTIVE INVOKING OF ACTION!


Therein lies the secret of every success the nucleus which has such life that it draws to itself everything that it needs for its full expression:


“Be not Afraid, Only  Believe”  Mark 5:36

The fundamental law of the universe is the Law of Attraction. You attract to you what ever you truly love and bless and believe is yours.

It is the secret of power, of abundance, of health, of wealth. To acquire, it takes just three steps:

1.  Know that this is a world of intelligence. Nothing merely happens. You were put here for a purpose, and you were given every qualification and every means necessary to the accomplishment of that purpose. So you need never fear whether you are big enough or smart enough, or rich enough to do the things required of you. “The father knoweth that ye have need of these things,” so do the things that are given you to do in the serene knowledge that your needs will be met.

2.  Know that the God in You, which is your real self, is already doing this work you were given to do, so all that is required of you is to SEE that accomplished result, and REFLECT it, step by step, on the material plane, as the path is opened to you. “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying – This is the way, walk ye in it”

3.  Have unyielding faith in your God’s ability to express the finished result through you. When you can see that result in your minds eye as already accomplished, you will realize that you don’t need to fear or worry or rush in and do things foolishly. You can go serenely at head and do the things that are indicated for you to do. When you seem to reach a dead end, you wait patiently, leaving the problem to the God in You, in the confident knowledge that at the right time and in the right way you will be given a lead showing what you are to do.

So then SEE, in your mind’s eye, the God in You doing those things you wish to do, emphasizing the traits you wish to cultivate, displaying the riches or possessions you want. Know that the God in You has these. And that as soon as you can see them through the prism of your conscious mind as fast as you can realize their possession, fervently feel their existence, sincerely believe with unyielding faith, that they now exist for you and you shall have them.

The CD program “Unleash the Power of Your Mind” assists you in directing your feelings and sincere faith of that which you desire and placing those desires into your subconscious mind for the God in you to take action.