Mind and Body Understanding How These Are Perpetually Intertwined

Mind and Body: Understanding How These Are Perpetually Intertwined



“Your body is the spirit’s temple.” This is according to a biblical verse.  If this is so, taking care of your body should be your priority.  Modern-day medical practitioners suggest that using mind control and visualization techniques can create miracles.  


Yes, miracles don’t just happen during the biblical times!


The science behind the idea that “the mind can heal the body” is based on the concept that thought affects the physical body.  Your psychological or emotional state has an effect on your endocrine system.  When a person is in a fearful state, she experiences adrenaline rush. This can be represented in a simple equation: emotion equals physical effect.


The central part of the brain (hypothalamus) decodes emotions and creates physical reactions.  Since it is the receptor of neuropeptides, the hypothalamus also controls your appetite, level of blood sugar, temperature, some glands of the body (adrenal and pituitary) and the circulatory and digestive system.


The neuropeptides are connected to the parts of the body’s immune system. In essence, the body is really connected to the mind.


Since the immune system plays a major role in the mind and body relationship, having positive thoughts produce positive results and negative thoughts produce illnesses.


Most Asian religions focus on the spiritual aspect, which is intertwined with the physical aspect of a person’s life.  One such religion is Buddhism.  This religion focuses on the mind. Through constant meditation, one can attain the state of enlightenment or ‘buddhahood’.  When a person is finally enlightened, he or she can achieve whatever his or her mind wishes.


Healing the body by using the mind is not solely for religious enthusiasts. Meditation is also known to hoist the threshold of pain, stabilize a person’s blood pressure, and regularize pulse rate.


Here are simple ways that you can attain perfect health with the use of your mind:


1.Know what you want to heal.  Be specific and clear.  Do you want to be healed of arthritis or rheumatism?


2.Take inspired action with regards to the picture that you have in your mind.  It is said that with 6 weeks worth of visualization, results can be seen.  Be patient with your goal or visualize daily.


3.Be relaxed during visualization.  You should be mentally at ease with the surroundings.  Find an area with good lighting and ventilation. Find a perfect spot to do some quiet meditation.  Make sure that your clothes are also loose and comfortable.


4.During visualization, imagine that you are in a peaceful place where there are no imperfections and diseases.  It would help if you could envision the ‘soldiers’ of the body fighting off the invading diseases.


5.Aside from visualizing the result, say it loudly!  If possible, record your voice on tape and play it often.


6.Avoid negativism.  Think only of positive thoughts and positive results would be on their way.


  • Appreciate who you are and what you have in life.  


After all, your greatest blessings are not the ones that can be bought with money but the ones that are made available NOW by the Supreme Being.