Make Your Marriage Work

Make Your Marriage Work



After the initial rush of finally getting married has faded, you might find that marriage is a bit harder in real life than when you were just dreaming about it. Unfortunately, each couple is different and there’s no fool proof manual to ensure a happily-ever-after married life. However, there are some elements that can help make your marriage work and here’s an easy way to keep it in mind – SEAT


S is for sharing. Marriage is a partnership and that means a commitment to do everything together. Not just work or duties but more on keeping the lines of communication open. Opinions should be heard and decisions made after you both evaluated the pros and cons. Whether it’s the latest news or the latest gossip or an update on your kids’ school, just talk about it. Sharing ensures that you’re on the same page.  It doesn’t mean that you’ll always agree though but if both of you can express your side, you’ll either find a compromise or a totally different, mutually acceptable decision.


E is for effort. After being blessedly single, it will take a bit of an adjustment to live with somebody else in the truest sense of the word. You need to invest time and effort to make your relationship successful. It doesn’t happen overnight and it constantly changes. You have to learn to adjust living together and growing old together. Through the years, you will learn a lot and will be able to sense instinctively what your partner needs.


A is for appreciation. Everyone wants to be appreciated – by words and deeds. Even a simple praise or an outright bragging session about your partner to somebody else counts a lot. Also, never ever forget the little niceties as “please”, and “thank you” even if you’re talking to someone who has a duty to help you. Your husband/wife entered into this relationship as a partner and thus deserves respect. Admit it -- doesn’t it give you a little high if you hear him/her saying nice things about you or to you? Then do the same too. Your partner will love it!


T is for trust. After love, trust is the main ingredient to a successful marriage. Trust that you will uphold your vows and stay true to each other. Trust that each of you have duties and responsibilities that you have to seriously remember and accomplish in the best way possible. In itself, trust will keep the love going through the years.