Love Yourself Always

Love Yourself, Always!



When was the last time you appreciated your own beauty?  Everyday, the media bombards us with images of anatomically perfect men and women, with chiseled faces and flawless skin.   We begin to identify beauty with these images, and sometimes find ourselves disappointed when what we see in the mirror doesn’t measure up.


Truth is, very few people actually look like those models on print and broadcast media.  In fact, the models themselves say that most of what the public sees has been digitally enhanced.  Why allow false creations to diminish any love you rightfully have for yourself!


More realistic is the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.  


Your height (and your perceived excess or lack of it) is something you probably inherited from your own parents’ measurements.  The same goes for your nose, your chin, your forehead and most of everything else.  In fact you should be proud to be carrying on your family’s identity in your features.  Besides the physical bond, family resemblance should be a constant reminder that you belong to a circle of love and unconditional acceptance.


Body image is a major source of insecurity for many people.  Just because your favorite rockstar or actress wears a particular size of jeans, don’t think you’re inferior because you wear something different.  People come in three natural body types; ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.  Ectomorphs tend to have the least amount of body fat, which together with their elongated muscle tone, gives them a lean figure.  Endomorphs on the other hand, have more muscular builds, and may be overweight because of the higher percentage of body fat present.  Mesomorphs are somewhere in between, with a rather balanced physique.  Find out which of the three types best describes your body.


Whichever body type you have, love yourself by striving to be healthy.  You can’t change the body type that nature has given you, but you do have control over keeping yourself in good health.  Enhance your beauty by highlighting your assets.  Learn about the types of clothes that suit your shape and flatter your features.  Try to be the best that you can be, and you will always be beautiful.


Keep in mind that no brand, network or celebrity can ever define what beauty should be to you.  Rather, it is you who must identify and embrace the beauty within yourself.  Be proud of your uniqueness and appreciate your strengths. Explore your talents and use your abilities wisely to benefit those around you.     Remember that a pleasant disposition and a compassionate heart are the cornerstones of true inner beauty.  When you love yourself and share your best with others, that beauty radiates, shining outward for the world to see.