Looking For Blessings

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Looking For Blessings


I thought it would be appropriate to open up to receiving blessings by way of actually looking for them. We miss out on so much because we are not even open to looking.How can you be more open to receiving and even looking for blessings?Answer = Become a Blessing Detective.Now before you make fun of me and call me cheesy, goofy or something worse, hear me out.Do you know someone that seems to receive more gifts and / or blessings than you ever have? I know the reason it seems that way. Want to know why?

It's because that person DOES receive more blessings, praise, gifts, respect, you name it. The question is not "Why" but rather "How" do these people position themselves to receive more than seems possible in ways of gifts and adoration.Simple. They are Blessing Detectives. They are open to and accepting of any and all blessings that come their direction.Do you? If you don't you may want to reconsider your way of thinking. Do you pass off certain blessings as coincidence?

Do you believe that we are all given a certain hand in life and that's just the way it is?If that is you then chances are you are NOT a blessing detective.DO NOT be GRUMBLY HATEFUL. DO be HUMBLY GRATEFUL.See the difference? There isn't much of a difference when it comes to those words but there is an EXTREME difference when it comes to the attitude.Be a Blessing Detective by becoming HUMBLY GRATEFUL and stop being GRUMBLY HATEFUL.List some Spiritual Blessings below that you have detected throughout this week as they come. Hold on to this and even print it out to keep up with your blessings. You will be surprised at how many pages you may need.While you are changing over to the HUMBLY GRATEFUL person look for blessings in different areas of your life including

SPIRITUAL BLESSINGSPHYSICAL BLESSINGSEMOTIONAL BLESSINGSINTELLECTUAL BLESSINGSFINANCIAL BLESSINGSADD YOUR OWN CATEGORYPlease send me a note with any blessings you are particularly proud of. I'd love to share in your blessings with you.