“I would if I were a little more financially able.”


“One day I’d like to. . .”


“We’ll get around to it when. . .”


Why wait?

That’s right. Waiting is nothing but putting off tasting what life has to offer. Besides, what are you waiting on? The questions above?


I’m sure you have categories of life that you defer just because of silly things like ‘the right time’ or ‘prior obligations’ or my favorite ‘no money’.


Here are a few categories that you can taste right now – without excuse.


  • Travel.  Where have you wanted to go? Pick up the phone and start planning like you’re going to make the trip happen in two months. Do not stop. Go through the motions of actually finding out how much everything cost. Take a pen and paper and log the cost of everything. Then, when you find out, make the plans to go on your trip – no matter where it is. Put the excuses aside and take your trip. Two months is long enough to make any arrangements that you would have to in order to go anywhere.


  • Romance. This may sound harsh, but – what do you have to lose? If you’re wanting that ‘special someone’ in your life – or worse, if you know who that someone is but you’re not taking the risk to do something about it, you don’t deserve that person. I just said ‘taking the risk’ but really… what risk is there? Embarrassment of being turned down? Fear of failure? Huh…


What about self respect?


If you don’t go after what you want by asking that person out, you may be running the risk of not respecting yourself to have the life you want anyway.


That’s right.


I don’t say that to be mean. But it is meant to make you think about yourself in a different light. Anyone who wants a certain kind of life (or lifestyle) should take enough initiative to respect themselves to the point of giving no less that 100% effort to achieve that ‘something’. If that something is romance, go for it!!


  • Give. Giving does something to you from the inside out. We are all created to give. We are supposed to give. I would even venture to say that we’re to give when it hurts sometimes.


When we give, we become something more than ourselves.


How do you give? It’s simple really. Just be as unselfish as you could possibly be. This could actually be a challenge in our culture today. We’re taught from television, to radio, to a majority of marketing messages that we must be in it for me.


When, in reality, if you want to taste the real juice of life, simply give.


It doesn’t have to be money either. Most of the time people, charities and nonprofit organizations just need your time. Volunteer. Give. Then taste.


Start with the three categories above. Once you’ve mastered those three – which should keep you busy for about a year – you will definitely find it easier to master any others.