Improving Body Language

Improving Body Language

Body language is an essential part in communicating. More so, it’s a part of communicating wherein it’s a part of you that never lies, in contrast with the words that you utter. In fact, your body language might seem to be the opposite of what you are really saying.

Often times, even without saying anything, body language is already a major factor that tells someone how you feel and what you are thinking. In some situations, this might work since you don’t have to say anything to get your message across. Other times, this might bring disaster to you since it might bring the wrong message across. One example would be talking to an employer, speaking in front of a group of people or anything that strikes you as remotely formal. Here is where improving your body language skills come in. By improving body language, you’ll definitely relay the right message and the right meaning.

First, you should be aware of your body language. You should be aware of how you move, where you put your hands and when to use your hands for gestures. This rings true with your legs – determine when you need to walk and how you should walk. You can even practice in front of the mirror, and this will show you how you move in front of other people, to see how you are relaying your message.

Second, you can close your eyes and visualize how you would stand and sit to feel confident, how you move your arms and legs, and how you use any part of your body for gestures. You might even want to observe family members, friends, neighbors or even co-employees on how they move. Observe the things that they do and observe the things that they don’t do. Learn as much as possible from them.

But remember that when you do all of these things, just learn to relax, especially when you are speaking in front of a live audience. Don’t hunch your shoulders and always maintain eye contact – with eye contact, it sends signals that you are not the least bit nervous (our main objective anyway).

And always remember to smile and laugh always – this signifies more than confidence. It says that you are relaxed and very much comfortable with the way things are going on in your life.

It takes some extra effort to do all things, but keep in mind that body language shows how good a person you are.