How to Plan a Wedding Without the Stress

How to Plan a Wedding without the Stress



Wedding planning may come across as a function reserved for the elite members of the society with tons of bucks to burn; but the truth is, all engaged couples go through it, albeit to a lesser extent.


With all the hassles necessary to mount a memorable wedding, only a few individuals come out during the big day looking drop dead gorgeous.  The rest mutate into anorexic waifs with raccoon eyes and dry, flaky skin from all the stress they have subjected themselves into.  


If you want to be included in the exclusive set of those who have glamorous weddings and royalty-inspired looks, here are a few pointers worth looking into.


Make a timetable. Whether you have two years, six months or three weeks to get the ball rolling, a timetable would facilitate in bringing you a step closer to your dream wedding.  It would remind you of the reservation that needs to be booked, things that need to be picked up and guests to be invited.  It would also guide you in estimating the size of your entourage based on the availability of certain individuals.  A definite answer to your invitation would prevent the use of a proxy during the wedding march.


Compromise. While it may give you intense pleasure to see everything and everyone garbed in your favorite neon pink color, please spare your husband a thought if he prefers to wear colors that are more subdued.  Wedding planning is not just about one person; it is a union of two people in love.  It is a partnership and as such, it needs a meeting of the minds halfway. Listen to the reasons of your partner on why he or she prefers things to be done in certain ways.  Do not immediately launch a fiery verbal tirade without paying attention to his or her emotions.


Drop the “I’m a superhero” mentality.  You have to realize that only cartoon characters don’t get tired.  Therefore, if you feel burdened by the stressful preparation, ask for help from the people around you.  Parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers will surely lend you a hand if you acknowledge their presence.  Delegate so that things will not crash down while you are taking a short rest to rejuvenate yourself.


Following these guidelines will not only breeze you through the motions of wedding planning, it will also make you realize how lucky you are to be treading the path others can only dream about.