How To Live A Life Of Constant Exhilaration

How To Live A Life Of Constant Exhilaration



Let life drift by WITHOUT a clear, definite, and determined purpose. You now have the perfect formula for boredom!


If you let the day pass by without zest and vigor, you are opening gaps to allow dull moments to creep in. Before boredom sets in, counteract it with any of the following tips:


  • Go to a place where you have never been to. Anything new will make your mind curious and refreshed. This lifts the dullness off your current way of living. New places bring back the child-like curiosity in you. Curiosity keeps you alert; and traveling is, by far, the best antidote to boredom.


It is often said that, “All work and no play, makes a dull day”. You need to work in order to pay the bills. However, working without fun once in a while may result to listlessness. Once a year, take time out to go to a new place or foreign land (if your budget can allow it!) and add new information in your intellectual vault.

  • If you are a pet lover, drive over to a pet shop of your choice and choose an animal companion. People say that dogs are the most loyal companions. You have heard of dogs risking their lives for their masters.


A friend of mine says that having a dog in the house can be an exhilarating experience. Every time she gets home from office, her dog welcomes her at the door, making her feel important and appreciated (no offense to the spouse!)


  • If you cannot have pets at home, one alternative is to have plants. Other people find it therapeutic talking to orchids, roses, and every conceivable flower in the plant kingdom. Flowers in different hues, and the color green, can be relaxing to the eye.


If you have a green thumb, why not try this hobby? If you feel exhilarated when surrounded by plants, go ahead and grab your gardening tools!


  • Boring life can be made exciting via food! Aside from being the source of energy (and extra pounds!), use food to make life exhilarating. Be on the look out for new food ideas through eating and discovering unique restaurants.


Consider cooking as another activity that can perk up the mood. Cooking exposes you to various flavors and textures of ingredients. Who knows? You might be looking at a future business venture when you indulge on your passion in cooking.


  • Discover what you want and love to do. If you are not into it by now, this is the ideal time to start the discovery process. Perhaps now is the right time to learn a new skill like playing a musical instrument, enroll in a gym, and pick-up new habits. This will do wonders for your life in terms of physical health and elimination of boredom.


Others engage in volunteer work. This is another alternative that is surely fulfilling and uplifting to the spirit.


In all these activities, you can invite similar-minded friends to join you in your journey. The moment you choose to pursue a clear and definite purpose and do something that puts meaning into your life, you have taken the initial step towards a life of constant fulfillment.