How to Get out of Your Nut shell in 4 Easy Steps

How to Get out of Your Nut shell in 4 Easy Steps



Coming out to the world on your own is probably one of the most nerves wracking scenarios you need to experience. Overcoming shyness does not happen overnight, but like they say, practice makes perfect once you overcome your timidity. Read on and start the process of getting out of your nutshell now.


  • Look your best. Shop for the dress you have been eyeing for so many weeks, treat yourself to a salon or take time to fix your hair every morning so you look and feel great once you step out of your house. Looking your best will help boost your self-esteem. If you look good, you will feel good.


  • Rejection is normal. All people experience rejection. Even John F. Kennedy failed the bar exam twice before he passed. Failing is a part of life. So what if the organization you planned to join did not accept you? Even if they did, there will still be other organizations willing to accept you. Being turned down does not mean that you have to down yourself by making yourself aloof from other people. You cannot please everyone; stick that in your mind. However, be likeable at least.


  • Engage yourself in things you excel. If you are good in singing, you can join your church choir. If you have an extraordinary skill in painting, you can share your talent in the art club at your school or volunteer to teach art to underprivileged children. Sharing your talent with others will certainly make you feel good. When you feel good in the inside, it will wash away your low self-esteem, brushing off the introvert in you.


  • Learn from others If you find it hard to follow the other tips, try this one. When in a gathering or a party, watch how those extroverts start a conversation and how they act. However, this does not mean that you have to be their clone. Just learn a thing or two from them and you’re off. Just a little reminder, just because a certain thing or action looks good on them  doesn’t necessarily mean that it fits you too, find and experiment which best suits you or else you will end up looking like a trying hard.