How to Achieve Your Goal without Fail

How to Achieve Your Goal without Fail



How many times have you set a goal and not followed through? Chances are you had a missing element in planning your goal(s). What if there was a formula-type checklist that would keep you from failing any goals. What if you had a way to know – without doubt – that you were going to succeed – before you ever got started…


Now you can.


Your goals are nothing more than a wish list – until you add four things to them.


Take losing weight as an example.


There are four things with losing weight that you must know before you take the plunge to actually lose weight. There shouldn’t be a decision made about a goal without having four things attached to each goal.


A successful goal has to have 4 things.


  • The goal has to be specific.

  • The goal has to be measurable.

  • The goal must have a time limit.

  • The goal has to be your goal. It can not be something someone wants you to do. It has to be something YOU want from yourself.


Now back to weightloss.


If you set a goal to ‘lose some weight’, you will probably end up weighing more than you did before your goal. Why? Look at 1-4 above.


Now if you set a goal to lose (1) thirty pounds by (3) March 31st and (2) lose 3 inches in your waist while (2) decreasing your body fat by 10 percent, then you’re MUCH more likely to see that goal to the end – especially if (4) it’s YOUR decision and desire.


This type of goal set up works with just about every goal you could think of. Next time you decide to set a goal, pull out this checklist and make sure you accomplish your goal – without fail!