How Romantic Relationships Improve Life

How Romantic Relationships Improve Life



You may have experienced butterflies in your stomach one too many times, woke up every single morning with the image of your beloved in your head, or worked overtime all those lonely nights just to be financially ready enough for your special someone’s birthday. We may have been hurt a number of times, too, or felt at some point that we’re better off single. But there will always be that longing and wondering. What if the next one would really be your prince charming or sleeping beauty?


So the endless cycle begins yet again and no matter the outcome, as the saying goes, “It is the journey that matters in romance, not the destination.” At present, you may have friends who either tell you that you’re throwing your life away or are getting one; or you may be searching for someone or are well into a healthy relationship. But whatever and however your reasons may be, one thing’s for sure: life is good, at least at one point or another, in a romantic relationship.


First and foremost, since romantic relationships are founded by feelings, it is those binding emotions that set your relationship apart from any other. In romantic relationships, you experience the feeling of being valued, appreciated, protected, respected, and loved.


These factors, despite being commonly present in a friendly environment, are much more intense in romance. It is reciprocated by both parties involved and your life seems more important and treasured when you have someone who, for instance, who cooks your breakfast, is worried sick when you’re home late from work, or takes care of you when you’re not feeling so good. These feelings are primarily what make your life seem more meaningful.


Second, romance improves life because it can improve your attitude. Each individual has personal opinions, beliefs and, most especially, expectations. You being in a relationship must at least try to meet some of your partner’s expectations. Meeting your partner’s expectations is probably one of the main reasons why he or she chose you in the first place, because your partner believed that you can best satisfy his or her needs.


You may suddenly realize you’re getting more industrious at work to get that promotion, you’re getting determined at waking up early in the morning (which you’re not used to), so you can jog off those love handles, or you become thoughtful by simply calling him up at work or bringing her flowers. You kick your old undesirable habits and upgrade your attitude to become a good partner in the relationship.


Third, you become more in sync with yourself. You get to know yourself more and recognize your strengths and weaknesses, according to your partner’s assessments and evaluations. Try to embrace arguments with open arms, as these are key points that can indicate your personality, performance, and values. An objective observation from your partner may be the very thing that can help you improve the things you’re not yet so good at.


Getting into a romantic relationship is always a choice. And it still requires a choice to remain in that relationship, as long as you believe it is serving your best interests, as well as your partner’s. If it is, life continually becomes an adventure and you will soon appreciate the pains and pleasures it offers, making your life the most worthwhile experience possible.