Held Hostage By Discouragement

Held Hostage For Life By Discouragement



Have you ever been held hostage?


You may not be aware of it; but you might have been held hostage in the past, not by a cold-blooded terrorist, but by that sinking disillusioned feeling called discouragement.


The feeling of discouragement does not exempt anyone. Everyone will encounter and continue experiencing it no matter what. Discouragement is part of life. You must learn to expect and accept it. Preparing your self for something unpleasant lessens the impact.


Even successful people are not exempt from discouragement. Nobody is immune from it. In fact, successful people have been discouraged so many times by those who are living an average life.


Compare two people of equal status who face similar discouraging situations. One person focuses on the negative aspect of the situation and is discouraged to take any action. The other person focuses on the positive aspect, that he is able to weigh his options and make a smart move.


Discouragement can keep you hostage from pursuing your goals – only if you let it. It has the power to immobilize you. However, the way you think can help you overcome the effects of discouragement -- either you control it or you allow it to control you. Emotions can be controlled by the way you think.


Some would argue that a part of this may be attributed to the Almighty’s plan called destiny, but the other part is attributed to the way you plan it to be. You have an active part in shaping your future.


Perhaps, the simplest way to illustrate this is to think of life as a journey. In fact, some of you may consider life as an adventurous journey. You may never know where life will take you; but certainly, you can chart the course you will take.


The adventurous journey may take you to the open seas. You navigate leading to your destination. Somehow and somewhere along the journey, you are bound to encounter all sorts of obstacles. How you will fare in the journey depends on how you think about the obstacles and how determined you are to get what you want in life.


Along the journey, expect storms, rough water, and strong wind. These obstacles may stop you and hold you hostage from taking the necessary actions. What should you do?


Never give up! Remember that you are in a journey. Regain your composure and focus on your intended destination. Focus on what you want out of life.


Some would opt to turn back to where they came from or the starting point. You cannot chart your future on reverse gear or by turning around. There is no turning back because if you do, the repercussions may be more costly in terms of time, energy and material value.


The biggest drawback of giving in to discouragement is to be held hostage for life by that same sinking and disillusioned feeling succumbing to a life of failure.


You may have not known it, but you have been held hostage all along by this unkind emotion called discouragement.