Good Vs Ugly Effects Of Cell Phones

The Good vs. Ugly Effects of Your Cell Phone



At this age and time, who does not own a cell phone?


Somebody once said: “I can’t survive without a cell phone.” No wonder the number of people born before the onset of the cell phone is diminishing. Is this due to age? Does it matter?


Industry estimates show that people with cell phones outnumber the total of people without cell phones. Clearly, the have-nots are facing near extinction!


Each baby born every minute is a potential cell phone user. To cell phone suppliers, the child is another client in the making.


The good side of a cell phone is represented by great benefit in terms of convenience, not to mention the comfort it brings. You don’t have to go far to reach for a phone. Where you go, it goes. Because of the cell phone, you are not stuck in one place waiting for a call.


However, a cell phone also carries a bad side. Find out more about this nasty side of a cell phone.


  • Bills, bills, and more bills. If you have a cell phone, you just added to your long list of obligation to pay each month.


  • Some people take multitasking to its absolute limit! Some go around driving while using their cell phones, thereby making themselves prone to accident risks. This is not the kind of risk you want to get yourself into. Oh, how car insurance companies hate this!


  • You might as well throw out the window your “Do not disturb” sign. With a cell phone, there is no chance for you to go on retreat or hibernation. This is the case unless you don’t answer the call or turn it off.


  • The system and features you have on your cell phone is never enough. Just when you thought you have the latest, here comes another one. You keep asking for more power, more features, or broader spectrum. Also, you become prone to advertisements that have reference to the cell phone. “I mustn’t miss that feature” – This sentence occupies your mind.


  • Don’t deny this! Because of the cell phone, you are tempted to engage in unnecessary conversation. You forget that making calls represent added expenses and more time wasted. While on your way to an appointment, you are inclined to make one call prior to reaching your destination, just to make sure. You can categorize this as unnecessary.


Truly, there is a good side in owning a cell phone. But don’t turn your face away from the reality that a cell phone also has its bad side. Whether the good side or the bad will prevail, it is entirely up to you.


Make the cell phone work on you side, especially when it comes to convenience, comfort, and time efficiency. Make it work for you.