Five Helpful Tips to Quit Smoking

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Five Helpful Tips to Quit Smoking


Can’t seem to find a way to get off that nasty nicotine fixation?  Here are five helpful tips to help you quit smoking.

Prepare yourself to quit. Quitting smoking takes a huge amount of self-discipline and determination. Enumerate compelling reasons why you need to quit smoking. Set your mind to stop the habit. Establish a date when you want to quit. Look back at the previous times you attempted to quit, and check which steps proved effective and those which were not as helpful. And when you have made up your mind to finally quit, do it with all the determination you could muster.Get a partner or partners in your journey to quit. You may find the process easier if you let others get involved. Inform your family, friends and colleagues about your plan to quit smoking. Seek their cooperation by not smoking around you or inviting you to smoke "just one" stick. You can likewise ask your health provider to help you out. Show them that you are determined with your goal to quit smoking.Learn and apply new skills and behaviors. Develop a better lifestyle and use healthier strategies to reduce stress. Stress may lead to a smoking relapse. Keep yourself away from triggers that lead you to smoke. Resort to drinking tea rather than coffee, as coffee is often associated with smoking. Refuse the invitation of someone who invites you to smoke.Use nicotine substitutes, if needed. Gum, patches or that nifty new invention, the caffeine stick, may well be your answer if the nicotine cravings are too strong. In case you have health conditions that you are concerned about, especially heart or circulation-related ailments, it would be wise to consult your doctor before using nicotine substitutes. Nicotine substitutes are very concentrated, and may give palpitations or other physical reactions. Exercise care in using the caffeine stick, too, as an overdose of caffeine has been implicated in anxiety attack-like conditions and in exacerbating mental illnesses, along with palpitations.Be prepared for a relapse or obstacles to quitting. The first three months of the attempt to quit are the most crucial. In most cases, quitting attempts are accompanied by the occasional relapse or urges to smoke again. In this case, don’t give up if you smoke again. Bear in mind that it may take several attempts to quit before you can succeed in finally quitting permanently. You may face road blocks along the way such as depression, visual and social cues that trigger smoking urges, etc. Beware of other smokers, as they may offer a puff which leads to another and another till you have smoked the entire stick through. If you slip, do not be discouraged by your seeming failure. Rather, do keep trying to quit until you become successful. It is not easy to give up something that you have become accustomed to. Quitting smoking requires a reasonable amount of discipline and patience on your part. It is a long and tedious process, but if you have the proper mindset, your efforts will pay off eventually.