Five Easy Steps To Get A Good Night Sleep

16 Jan

Five Easy Steps to Get a Good Night Sleep



Falling into a sound sleep seems to be a daunting task for most people.


The hectic pace of life makes our minds and bodies keep on working. There are medical remedies that can help cure insomnia but here are five basic tips to consider to cure your insomnia without the need to resort to prescriptions:


1. Read a good book before you go to sleep. Reading a good book is effective in veering your mind away from unfinished business. Reading forces the mind to focus on the events transpiring in the story.


Use dim light in reading but not too dim to strain your eyes. When your eyes are feeling tired from reading, you can simply mark the page in the book and then turn off the lights and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


2. List down all the things you want to accomplish the next day. By doing this, you avoid thinking of things that you want to do. One of the things that cause insomnia is when you think about all the things that you want to accomplish. Jotting down these things can give you peace of mind and lead to having regular sleeping hours.


3. Do some breathing and stretching methods that can remove stress from both your body and mind. Releasing stress and worries can help you relieve your tired muscles. Massage your finger and feet, as well as any tired joints in your body. This will soothe all your muscles. For best results, keep your mind free and your eyes closed while performing the routine. This can help your body systems perform their normal functions.


4. Listen to soothing music and sounds. Some people depend on relaxing music or sounds to ease the pressure off their tired bodies. You can play instrumental music from your cassette recorder or compact disc. You can likewise record the sound of the waves or the chirping of the birds and play it at night before you go to sleep. This can hasten the release of stress and allow your body to cool down and sleep more comfortably.


5. Wear a sleep mask or hide under your blanket. Sometimes a little or too much light can cause people to exceed the regular sleeping hours thinking that it is not yet time to sleep. Wearing a sleeping mask or hiding beneath your covers can block out the light and cause you to fall asleep.


Remember insomnia need not be a hindrance from enjoying your life. Try these simple remedies and find out if these will work before you even think of consulting your doctor.

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