Feel Young

How to Feel Young Even If You’re a Senior



The age of gray hair need not cast a dark cloud of insecurities and negative feelings over you. Whether you’re of the junior, middle, or senior age group, aging can be handled gracefully with ease. A lot can be done before reaching senior age (or even when you’re already there) to make you feel younger. Here’s what you can and must do:


  • Determine what you want to be. Do you want to be youthful despite years that keep piling up, or would you settle and concede that aging results to physical and mental decline in activities? To many people, reaching senior age is their excuse for limitations in physical activities, lapses in mental concentration, and emotional disturbances. I bet you’ve heard someone saying, “You’ll have to excuse my parents. They are already old and you know how old people are. They are extremely sensitive and easily get upset emotionally.”


Being emotionally sensitive is a sign of insecurity and resistance - a sign that seniors hate being seniors. When you dislike a situation you’re in, especially a situation when there are no other choices, you start to become irritable. Everything you come across with seems to be unacceptable. So how can you, if you’re a senior, turn your thoughts to accept what you are? It’s simple. Change the way you think towards seniority. First, you must accept the fact that old age is an inevitable part of life. Actually, you’re lucky you’ve reached this age. Some people die young. Being alive at this age is considered a gift of life. With age comes wisdom. Let wisdom dominate your thoughts over poor concentration and dull memory. The world loves a person full of wisdom and wit.


  • Unbelievably, some people look better physically during the senior age than during the younger years. It doesn’t mean that these people looked ugly when they were still young. However, aging somehow works to favor some people. The way they think and act have a lot to do with how they look. They seem to ripen in the right places under the best conditions. You can be sure that this has a lot to do with their eating habits, physical activities, and more importantly, their mental and emotional attitudes.


  • Make laughter a part of your life. Have you ever met a person who hates laughter or humor? If you have, is his name Mr. Grouch? Seriously (or is it humorously), laughter is exhilarating. It activates hormones on your body that promotes a healthy physical and emotional you. Medical science has proven this. You can’t deny the benefits you get when you laugh, even when you are physically ill or emotionally disturbed. Have you ever experienced laughing on something so funny, until your eyes got teary? Tears may be salty, but tears of joy taste sweet.


  • Tell people how old they look and they begin to feel old. However, tell people how young they look despite their age, and they will begin to feel energetic. People feel what they are told to feel.


The point is clear: Drop the years and pick up the energy.