Enthusiasm and Charisma You Can Actually Develop Them!

Enthusiasm and Charisma: You Can Actually Develop Them!



Oh, if it were but easy to motivate others and get them to be enthusiastic about a task ahead. While many leaders are great strategists and organizers, it takes a little bit more to be a true leader – a motivator that can rally people together to accomplish something big.


Some people are born with a natural charisma and appeal, while others have to practice the craft until they understand how to get a group to move forward as one. Here are a few things to work on when learning the art of charm.


1. It’s Not Just About You. It might be, but it shouldn’t be. And          at the very least, you shouldn’t give off that kind of vibe towards people around you.


There have been thousands of megalomaniacs with the verve to lead nations relying solely on their charisma - and egotism. They have the natural knack for pushing their ideals and thoughts until they become clear. They put forward their plans to reach the goal that is worth fighting for.


And for the lack of leadership and vision, people usually gravitate towards people who seem to know what to do and how to do things. You will have to develop your communication skills and your confidence and competence regarding your goal.


2. Unbridled Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is infectious. People can   smell it on you if you have it. And they will unknowingly absorb some of this when in you come in contact. So if you want to motivate your people, you yourself will have to be motivated.


Without motivation, people will perform below standards. And with this kind of attitude, not too many things get done.


3. Make Them Part of the Group. If you were but the littlest peon     in the hierarchy, you probably wouldn’t care about the goals of the leaders, or the project at hand. But if even you, the littlest one, were esteemed and respected, and treated as part of the group, wouldn’t your redouble your efforts to get things done?


As a leader, your goal is to get people involved. Never think that anyone is beyond use. Everyone, big or small, has unique skills, and experience that can help get things done. So if you put your ears to the ground, you might be surprised at what people can contribute to your cause.


4. Regular Communication. The greatest of them will tell you that being able to stir them up with a raucous speech isn’t enough. They have to know how things are going on as the project progresses. You should learn how to keep people posted on every development that is relevant.


5. Make Everyone Feel Special. You teach people how to react to you. If you don’t have a natural interest in others, they may tend to be naturally turned off by you. If you treat everyone in a special manner, pretty soon people will know that you yourself are special.




You don’t have to be mean to be a good leader – only firm. You don’t have to be flimsy – only considerate. If you can treat others well, you are in good position to help others reach a united goal.


So if you truly want others to follow, you need to win their trust and their respect and let them know that you know the way. People love following those that have a clear vision of the future.