Effective Tips on Good Negotiation

Effective Tips on Good Negotiation


Negotiation is not a common term in the world of business and politics.  Through negotiation, countless differences have been reconciled and agreements have been reached benefiting all those who are concern. In negotiation, no one should feel like being the loser; everybody should have the certain “winning” feeling.  Negotiation is both a skill and a power.  If you know how to negotiate, you can have all the things you can ever dream of.


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Tip 1: Avoid the word “negotiate” as much as possible.


Skeptical or angry persons prefer not to hear the word “negotiate” to change their minds or moods. Among others, the word “negotiate” connotes settlement, arrangement, or agreement between two parties who are dissatisfied or opposed to each other. Instead of saying, “let us negotiate,” choose positive words such as, “let us agree,” “let’s work things out,” and “you’ll be interested in this.” Positive statements will make people listen to your proposal.


Tip 2: List your goals first before you propose.


Enumerate your targets and set your priorities. Note your short-term and long-term goals. Identify your goals from the top to the least of your priorities. After classifying your goals based on importance, define the extent of the best possible outcome that you expect and the worst that you can take. Bring your list every time you arrange to induce meaningful conversation and favorable results.


Tip 3: Research on the obstacles and the possible remedies.


Negotiation is rooted from the want to obliterate paucity. When you negotiate, you bargain for a solution to your problems or suggest ways to improve your current standing. Think of the potential objections that might be thrown and the workable alternatives. Never enter into a negotiation unprepared.


Tip 4: Bring up your needs right off the bat and ask him to do the same.


You do not want to waste your time and resources for nothing; and for sure, the other person wants a good and concrete output. Boredom can negatively affect the other person’s decision. Make your proposal as concise and as comprehensive as possible. Communicate your needs at the start and let the person speak about his needs too.


Tip 5: Make him feel comfortable.


If the person feels like losing the deal, you are putting your self under a disadvantageous situation. Effective negotiation means a win-win situation for both of you. If you want cooperation, you must talk according to the other person’s point of view. Make him interested. Cite the benefits that he can get from your proposal. This way, he will feel comfortable talking to you and you will surely win his approval.


Tip 6: Speak of success stories.


Illustrate how both of you can make the plan alive. Convince him that if you will work together, you can make things possible. Tell him that you know somebody who tried a similar strategy and the outcome was great. Relate stories, which prove that your plans are feasible.


Tip 7: Follow the Golden Rule.


This is the most important of all. Treat others the way you want them to treat you. Be thoughtful and friendly. At the very beginning of the discussion, give them even a simple gift to express your gratitude. Serve them snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Talk about their hobbies and interests. If you treat the other person nicely, that person will reciprocate your kindness and you will get “yes!” for an answer.


Utilize these tips to the fullest and hit that top score in improving your human relations and return on investments.