Develop Your Own Learning Style to Do Well In School

Develop Your Own Learning Style to Do Well In School



Your learning style refers to the ways you acquire and process new information.  We all have our preferences and each of us learn and process information in our own unique ways. Your learning style may be the single most important key to improving your grades.


There are basically three different primary learning styles we use to learn and process information in our mind – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  People in general may apply any two or all these three types of learning styles.  It is also quite common to use different learning style for different tasks.


Students tend to use all these styles but for most of them one of these styles stand out as a primary style. How do you identify your learning style? If you would like to determine your learning style you could consult a professional or your counselor to help you identify your style of learning.  Here are the common traits for each style. Check out if these traits match yours:


You are a visual learner if: You learn by seeing or looking at things, take detailed notes, like to sit in front in your class, are usually neat in appearance, are good at spelling but easily forget names, need a quiet time to study, often close your eyes to visualize or recall, find something to watch if you are bored, like colors and fashion, dream in colors, understand charts or prefer chart representations, benefit from colorful illustrations and presentations, like written and spoken language rich in imagery and you are good with sign language.


You are an auditory learner if: You learn best by hearing and listening to things, prefer to read out loud, are not afraid to speak up in class, like oral reports, are a good explainer, easily remember names, pay attention to sound effects in movies, enjoy music, read slowly, are good at grammar, follow verbal directions well, do not like to keep idle for long periods, enjoy acting on stage and are good in study groups.


You are a kinesthetic learner if: You learn through experiencing or touching things, are good at sports, talk a lot with your hands and gestures, are not good at spelling, your handwriting is not that good, like doing scientific experiments in lab, read with loud music, like to be active and take frequent breaks when studying, good at building models, like martial arts, dance, cooking, etc.


You could follow these suggestions to enhance your learning process:


  • Visual learner - You could draw pictures in the margins, infer and read the text that explains the graphics; you could picture the topic to understand the subject matter.


  • Auditory learner - Listen to the words you read out loud, talk through the information as though you are explaining it to someone else.


  • Kinesthetic learner - Mark passages that are meaningful to you; you could take notes in the sides of a paragraph, transfer the information to another book or onto a computer. Hold your book and walk around as you read.


Researchers say that students could perform better if they know and take on a suitable study habit to fit their own personal learning style to score better and do well in school.