Develop a Stronger Sense of Self with Daily Affirmations

Develop a Stronger Sense of Self with Daily Affirmations



Affirmations are small positive thoughts or words of encouragement that you keep repeating to yourself over and over everyday. Affirmations actually have a fortifying role in yourself – it helps you hone and expand your potential and keep you forward-looking, confident, and strong.


There are many ways to present affirmations to yourself. These may be through spoken words, through thoughts and little acts of kindness, through music and inspirational pieces, or through writing. Whatever style works best for you, the goal is the same -- to uplift your sense of self.


Here are some affirmations that you might want to keep repeating to yourself daily.


On Health: I am very much healthy and I am not riddled with sickness.


On Family: My family loves me dearly and I love them back.


On Positive Thinking: My positive thoughts take control of my life.


On Physical Appearance: I am extremely handsome or beautiful. I don’t care what other people think of me.


On Wisdom: I am an intelligent human being that can solve the greatest puzzles on the face of the earth.


On Being Happy: Life is too short. I live the way I want it by being happy. Only I can make myself truly happy.


On Life: I can live my life the way I want to without anyone telling me what to do with it.


On Responsibility: I am responsible for my actions, and if I make a mistake, I am also responsible for it.


On Quitting: I am never a quitter. Quitters are cowards. I am not, and never will be, a coward.


On Friends: My friends have always been here to support me, and through thick and thin.


On Making Mistakes: If I make a mistake, I get up. If I do something wrong, I get up.


On Helping Others: I am a kind and helpful individual that is attuned to the needs of my fellowmen.


These are just some examples of affirmations that have worked for many people. There are others you can create or make up to appeal to you and the problem that you have going on right now. You can repeat it over and over again, in words or in thought.


The power of affirmations is just like the power of thoughts. If you keep playing it repeatedly, it swallows you and you begin to be convinced of its truth. So, give yourself a chance and write your own affirmations now.