Dealing with Procrastination

Dealing with Procrastination


Procrastination has been a long- time problem that sometimes can be taken for granted. Studying for an exam the day before can result in low grades and nothing more – no egos have been hurt because of it. Starting on a project a week before the deadline promises to be a little challenging and exciting. Sounds a little bit easy right? Nothing deadly?

The truth is, there really is a huge problem with procrastination. Not only do we get low grades, but we lose time, effort and attention because of it. And these are factors that money can’t buy.

So how do we prevent procrastination? How do we know if anyone is procrastinating or not?

Here are some telltale signs.


Knowing if anyone is procrastinating and what to do about it:


  • “I work better under pressure anyway!” To some, this might ring true. So what to do about this? If this is the case, then it’s better to move your time a little bit forward. Try to set a deadline for yourself. If you have a paper due on a Friday, then just imagine that your paper will be due on Wednesday. That way, you still have enough time.


  • “I just don’t know how to do it!” Don’t let this be an excuse to the things that you have to do. Life is all a learning process. If you don’t know how to do this, then approach a teacher, a classmate or a friend, and let them teach you how to do this particular job.


  • “I still have enough time!” On the contrary, you don’t have enough time. Time is of the essence and it runs faster than a racecar driver traveling at a fast pace. Before you know it, time has already passed and your paper is already due the next day.


  • “I am waiting for the right mood!” To some people, they need the “right mood” to finish what they need to do because it might turn out not as good as they had hoped to be. There is actually no cure for this since the right mood comes at no particular time. But to incur the right mood – that’s a different story. Watch television, read a book or write – do things related to the job that you have to do. That way, the mood might come in a jiffy.


Procrastination is indeed a rampant problem in the society nowadays. But it does have a cure – you just need to let yourself be aware of it. And learn how to take charge!