Dealing with Pessimism

Dealing with Pessimism



As negative as this may sound, pessimists generally bring with them negative vibes.  They are like walking clouds of doom who bring a touch of gloom to almost every situation.


Pessimists aren't that bad.  However, they can really be downers especially when they are included in a team or a group which is going through some rough times.  Sometimes, the pessimists mean well; but no matter how much they mean well, they just end up bringing down the spirit and the morale of other people.


Some pessimistic persons are not even aware that they are.  There are even times when they think that they are trying to help someone by giving out their negative opinions; but in reality, they are just making people feel worse.


If you find yourself turning into a pessimist, or already a pessimist, do not fret!  Who could blame you?  The things that are going on in this world today is actually more than enough to make a person become pessimistic.  But then again, you should know that dwelling on the negative side of things will not do you any good.


Try to put in mind that when you focus on the negative side of things, you will end up getting more worried and problematic than you already were.  Dwelling on negative thoughts would also lead you to being a worrywart.  You know, worrying is like a rocking chair - you think you are moving but you are actually getting nowhere.  Instead of worrying, why not put your negative thoughts aside, and try to think about what you should do for you to get out of that sticky situation?


Being pessimistic also affects the way your day turns out.  If upon waking up you already tell yourself that its going to be a bad day, then, chances are, you will end up having a bad day because you have more or less psyched yourself into experiencing a bad day!


You have to remember that what you feed your mind, what you tell yourself will affect the things that would happen to you in the future.  You see, one way or another, your subconscious is affected by how you perceive your day will turn out.


The best thing for pessimists to do is to try to get over their inclination towards negative thoughts and attitudes.  Simply put in mind that having negative thoughts won't get you anywhere near success.  It would be much better if you channel your negative vibes to something positive so that you will end up being less stressed.  By turning your negative thoughts into positive ones, you will feel more motivated and more inspired to attain your goal.