Creativity Enhancement Tips

Creativity Enhancement Tips



Certainly, there are times when you just feel like you’re “stuck in a rut.” It seems like your mind’s just ran out creative juice, and you’re short of ideas.


Aside from preventing you to finish your work on time, creativity lulls can always put a damper on someone’s mood. It’s always best to develop some creative enhancement techniques; because as much as you want to avoid lack of inspiration in your creative endeavors, it’s something that just naturally occurs. It’s up to you whether you would let these pauses get in the way of things.


Here are a few tips:


This may sound weird, but when you start feeling like you’ve already ran out of good ideas, may it be for an article, a book, a painting or a song that you’re trying to make, drawing out inspiration from your life experiences can actually be a big help. Many people usually turn to their experience treasure chest to help them find a new topic for their projects. It doesn’t matter whether you live an ordinary life or not, just pick out something that you’re very fond of, and use it in the most creative way that you can think of. Some stories usually start on just simple drafts; but the more the story progresses, the better it gets. Once you start to get your creative juices flowing, it would start to pour out in unthinkable amounts.


Another great thing to draw inspiration from are your “insights.” This is just a way to help you rack your brains in trying to come up with little ideas that can help you generate a story or any sort of inspiration. For starters, you might actually want to try coming up with a list to help the insights flowing. Think of a topic, and then just start listing down things that you think are relevant to it. Take for example, the “Top 10 Christmas gifts.” This might be a good start if you’re trying to come up with an idea on a Christmas story for children. Whenever you’re feeling pressured to start coming up with something, the best that you can actually do is to just list things down. It’ll definitely help you get more organized. Before you know it, you’d be able to come up with something solid to work on.


Apart from trying to draw inspiration and ideas from your personal experiences, why not try asking around. You might also get something good out of other people’s experiences –whether it’d be good or not. Always remember that whenever you’re trying to draw some inspiration for something or trying to enhance your creativity, never ever pressure yourself in accomplishing it in a snap; because the more you pressure yourself, the less likely you’ll be able to come up with something genuine and unique.