Choose To Be Intelligent

Choose To Be Intelligent



Researchers believe nobody can improve their intelligence quotient or IQ. If you ask the experts why, they will probably give you a scientific definition of intelligence coupled with how the human brains worked. However, if what you want are real action and you are not really concerned with mere explanations, then read on and you will surely pick a few quick brainpower doses.


First, try taking deeper breaths. A lot of people do not realize that breathing properly is the easiest way of improving one’s brainpower. When you breathe deeply, your body starts to relax which allows it to absorb more oxygen, and thus the brain gets a better supply of oxygen, too.


Studies have shown that low levels of oxygen in the brain deteriorate it. You won’t be able to optimize the power of your brain. So start breathing deeply from now on. Just an additional tip, breathe through your nose, as you are more likely to breathe shallowly if you don’t.


This is also the reason why meditation can largely improve your intelligent quotient. Meditating involves deep breathing and promotes relaxation. It also helps your ability to remain focused on the task at hand.


Good posture and regular exercise also enhance your brain power. You can make a simple experiment on this. Try mentally solving math problems while slouching and then while sitting straight up. When your body is comfortable, your brain follows.


Regular exercise doesn’t mean you’ll have to enroll yourself in a gym or start playing strenuous sports. A little walk for a few minutes or simple aerobic exercises done regularly should be enough to pump more blood and get your brain working.


Of course, sleep also contributes to an increase in your intelligent quotient. Take note that the quality of your sleep is just as important as its quantity. Make sure you’re sleeping well. A well-rested body means a well-rested brain that can perform at its best.


Drinking tea also enhances your memory and concentration. For decades, herbal supplements such as gingko are believed to increase the flow of blood to the brain. Like coffee, the effect is quick but unlike coffee, it doesn’t have long-term adverse effects for regular consumers.


A lot of people also testify that sniffing rosemary herbs wakes up their brains. If you have this common herb available, you might want to give it a try.


Sugar should also be avoided. Large intake of sugar and carbohydrates make you feel uncomfortable, making it difficult to think. This is because of insulin. So before any important meetings or exams, avoid sugar, potatoes and other carbohydrate-rich foods.


Researches have also found out that listening to classic music such as those composed by Mozart or Beethoven helps in improving a child’s IQ. Those who were exposed to classical music show better ability in solving puzzles and scores higher in spatial reasoning intelligence tests.


Writing is also good for the mind. It exercises your creativity and improves analytical thinking. Just by simply keeping a diary or an idea journal will boost your intelligence.


You could also talk things out to a friend. Whenever you try to talk or explain something, you have the chance to improve your own understanding of the matter. However, avoid engaging in unnecessary discussions. Debates are good but when you take it further just to win the argument, then your ego starts to take over and your mind closes.


Then the most important tip you could probably get to enhance you IQ is to believe you are smart. Think of all the situations where you’ve shown your creativity or intelligence and you’ll soon re-experience them. Positive thinking also brings impressive results you never thought you could do.