Brazen Up Your Fears

Brazen Up Your Fears!



Admit it. You are afraid. There are things that give you goose bumps, as well as make your body tremble, your palms sweaty, and your heartbeats faster. These things do not necessarily mean to be real, because oftentimes, you fear things that are mere creations of your ingenious imagination.


Fears or anxiety, according to Freud, is a basic emotion that influences everyone's life from earliest childhood. This influence shapes your life, as you grow old. Usually, the things that you fear in your childhood are still the same things that you fear even when you get older. This only suggests that it is never easy to conquer fears especially if you don’t have a willing heart and a focused mind.


Fears vary. Some of you may fear imagined objects; some fear real things and activities; and some have particular dreads (phobias). While there are some who are weird enough that they just suddenly lose out of control of their actions and reasons. You commonly know these startling out-of-the-blue-attacks of intense fear or terror as panic disorders. These usually crop up when we face danger, but sometimes, they occur without obvious reason. If that happens, you have to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist for you may be having a mental illness. Your doctor may recommend to you effective treatments like psychotherapy and behavior therapy.


Your fears, as mentioned by experts, are learned response but they can be unlearned. Doctors may expose you to your respective fears that may take place in real life or in your imagination. While there are those who will encourage you to talk with others who have the same fears as you have.


Yet the best and the most effective therapy in treating fears are not those that doctors can offer. Even the most erudite doctor (may he be a graduate of am internationally acclaimed medicine school, or has received prestigious awards) cannot give you this kind treatment because no one but YOURSELF can only give you this.


No one but yourself can cure your fears. If you are unwilling to be cured, then your fears will continue to linger. They will never leave your side, shocking you day by day, even in the quietness of your sleep.


What do you have to do then? Here are some advice given by people who succeeded in defying their fears:


  • “They are all in your minds. Control your minds and you’ll be able to control your fears.”—Karen, 20.


  • “Pray. It’s the best shield when you are frightened.”—Martin, 16.


  • “Just be bold. As Amy Tan said: Anything that cannot kill you will only make you stronger. Live with that kind of thinking.”—Rom, 21.


  • “Occupy your mind with happy thoughts. If you are happy, you’ll forget the things that you are dreadful of.”—Sarah, 32.


Your “healing” generally depends on you. It’s your choice whether you want to be cured of your fears or not. In making the decision to defeat your fears, you have to prepare your heart and mind, for their full participation is most needed. If your hearts and minds are not willing, your fears will not go away.


Freedom from your fears lies in your hands and in your hands alone. Defy your fears and be free!