Benefits of Humor

Benefits of Humor


With all the problems and the struggles that we experience everyday, there is nothing left for us to do but to take things lightly – meaning, we should just laugh at our problems. It might not solve all our problems but at least, it takes away our stresses in life; and most of the time, while laughing, we tend to look at our problems in a different light.

In this same way, laughing also has great benefits. For starters, it alleviates our pains and some sicknesses that we experience in our bodies. There have been studies that make this fact true. According to the Science of Laughter, Discovery of Health website, laughing eliminates the increase of viruses and tumors – basically, laughing is called natural killer cells, and along with laughter, there are also other types of killer cells that gets rid of diseases – and that’s not all that laughing can do: it also increases oxygen in the blood, which promotes for good healing of diseases in the body system.

Aside from this, humor lowers the blood pressure and changes our biological state. Laughter also protects the heart and gives our body a great workout. Most importantly, humor improves brain function and relieves our stress.

Aside from the physical benefits of humor, humor also affects our mental and emotional state. Instead of feeling angry, depressed or sad, (the negative emotions) with humor, you can release all of these. Besides, you can’t become angry while laughing hard or being humorous, right? Humor also changes behavior – there will be more chances of you talking much, much more and that you can have eye contact with the person you’re talking with. Humor also increases our energy; when we feel energized, we sometimes do things that we tend to avoid. That’s a good thing, because doing things that we don’t normally do makes us risk takers. Finally, we like to laugh because it makes us feel good!

Humor also contributes to better relations with other people. Humor connects us together when we laugh. It brings a sense of unity and camaraderie when we laugh. And for two strangers that haven’t met yet, it’s actually the start of a good conversation. For two friends who haven’t seen each other for awhile, laughter brings a sense of closeness and it bridges the gap between distances.

So whenever you are faced with burdens, problems and struggles, you know the right thing to do: Just laugh!