Be a Professional

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Be a Professional



You are, at any given time, a son/daughter, sibling, parent or friend to someone else and as such, you carry on a ‘role’ that suits your relationship. When you work for someone or with someone, you are expected to put on a different persona other than these existing ones – that of being a professional.  It is not as easy to be one though as being a professional doesn’t come naturally.


Being a professional means that you carry a responsibility given by the company. It trusts you to do your job and to do it the best way that you can.  Deadlines should be met. Work should be beyond reproach. Attitude and PR should always conform to the company’s standard. Keep this as a mantra whenever you have to do work regardless of your personal feelings. Say for example, your job is to answer questions on your company products and a customer kept on badgering you with endless questions on it. You have to be patient and answer the questions until the customer is satisfied; that’s part of your job. Retain a grip on your temper and find ways to keep your cool even if you feel like bashing the person’s head with a pipe. That’s what a professional should do.  


A professional should separate his/her personal feelings when it comes to business. Our natural inclination is to try and get along with everybody but in business, teamwork and friendships don’t always come together. You must be able to separate your personal relationship from that of your function as a co-worker. Much more so, if you are a supervisor or manager. The primary goal should always be on how the business will benefit or get affected by your work and/or your group’s work. So you must draw a line on what you can allow as a friend from what you have to do as a professional. For example, your work is getting affected by another employee who happens to be your friend. You might try talking to him first as a friend but if the situation does not improve and the damage is spreading, you have to bring up the matter to a superior officer. You can’t cover for him anymore; it’s not right. Remember the line of friendship and your job. That’s what a professional should do.


There will be times when you will be called to task or be given more work than what you were expecting. Being a professional means that you must not take this as an attack on you personally. It’s not you, it’s the job. Use the lesson to improve yourself instead of delving in pity. That’s what a professional should do.