Babysteps to Overcoming Shyness

5 Baby Steps in Overcoming Shyness



So you are shy ... but then, who isn’t?  


In fact, everyone is shy. It is just that some people are good in masking what they are feeling and not let others know that they are shy. However, too much shyness could be detrimental to your social life.  


Here are some steps to help you overcome your shyness. These steps will allow you to come out of your shell at your own pace and at your own will. Overcoming shyness need not be forced upon you by anybody.


1.  Know thyself

The best perspective is from the inside out when compared to looking from the outside in.  Remember, you know yourself best.  


As much as possible, be honest with yourself and find out the reason for your shyness.  For instance, are you particularly scared on how people will react to anything you say or do?  Are you anxious with your physical appearance?  


Take note that there are reasons why you react the way you do on specific situations.  Find out the reasons. Maybe these can help you know yourself better and eventually help you change for the better.


2.  Act your way out 

Act like you are confident and you will become one. Of course, this is easier said than done.  Or is it?  


In the privacy of your room, you could practice behaving like you are confident. Walk around with your chin up and chest out.  


Add a subtle swagger while you walk.  Speak in a firm manner.  Though this could feel ridiculous at first, this is one baby step to overcoming shyness.


3.  Maintain eye contact

As much as possible, practice eye contact with people.  Look at them and smile at them.  This could open a world of possibilities.  However, if you find this difficult, focus your gaze on the point in between the person’s eyes, particularly near his or her forehead.  


You could also break the ice by striking up a casual conversation about the weather or any recent events in the news.  


4.  Be not afraid

There is really nothing to be scared of.  Manage your fear of rejection.  


One good way to do this is to imagine the worst social outcome in a given situation.  After that imagined scenario, it is easier to think that nothing could be worst than that.  


Try not to dwell on rejection.  It happens to anyone.  Move on and learn from it, it is that easy.



5.  Do not take yourself seriously

This lightens the load from self-imposed pressure, like you have to look good, act, or be a certain way.  


Try not to be too critical of yourself.  So you may not have the right dress on or your shoes are a tad too big, who cares?  Do not be bothered by these trivialities.  Life means more than your dress or shoe sizes.


Do not be too hard on yourself.  Frustration happens, feel it, and then let it go.  Think positive and positive things will come.


All in all, one of the best ways to overcome shyness is to have good fun and don’t ever forget that!