Accelerated Learning Not Only for Kids

Accelerated Learning:  Not Only for Kids



What does accelerated learning mean?  Learning in simple sense is getting knowledge through comprehensive study.  Whereas accelerated learning, is a process of learning by which knowledge, is internalized in a faster rate.  


Learning is normally coupled with students.  And kids are perceived to be students.  But how come, that accelerated learning could also be associated with adults?


Children are fast learners, I suppose.  This is so because of the fact that their brain is still young.  


Imagine a new computer.  Obviously, there are still lots of space available in its memory.  Compared to an old computer, where its memory space is already full.  There’s no more space available for you to be able to save a large memory of data.    Thus, the computer may eventually hang due to memory overload.   


This is very similar with humans.  As the human brain is worn out, a so-called memory gap is produced.  Learning in adults, especially the seniors, slows down inevitably.  


But in spite of everything, it does not hinder grown-ups to still learn newer things.  If you’re an adult, you can still cope up with such difficulties in learning.  You just have to have a strong will and patience.  


One author says, “Learning is a lifetime process”.  There’s no age limit in learning.  As a matter of fact it is a very important aspect of developing psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.  


Learning is a skill.  Comprehension converts what you have learned to an ability or talent.  Comprehensive learning is built out of curiosity.  The level of interest demonstrates your willingness to gain knowledge.  


How to Improve Adult Learning


Do you want to accelerate your learning?  Maybe you may possibly feel like your memory has stopped its function to memorize and analyze such info.  Well, better not worry.  You can be as smart and sharp as you are when you were still in the days of your youth.


Whatever age you are at this moment, surely you would want to learn more.  There are several systems of learning available for you.  Engage in one today, one that is proven effective to boost your brain memory.  


One proven technique follows these several steps:  first, condition yourself.  Convince yourself that you have the intellect.  Have the motivation.


In case you have acquired some knowledge, reveal it to yourself, show it to others.  Echo the things you have learned.


Continue to memorize important details.  Divert yourself seriously.  Have a positive outlook.  You’re not too helpless to do it.


Have the yearning, aspiration and the perseverance.  Think, study and memorize profoundly with a lenient mind.  Relax yourself as you do these steps.  Don’t rush.


Utilize all of your senses to further divide, classify and categorize relevant facts and figures.  Learn how to communicate.  Ask questions when something seem to be unclear, if there’s something you feel you don’t fully understand.    


Read a lot, be a bookworm.   Do research.  Explore everything.  You may access several kinds of materials such as encyclopedias and of course the internet.   Take notes to be more effective.  Once you have researched certain stuffs, put them into writing.  Write what you have learned.      


Be determined.  You’re not too old to gain knowledge.  Feed your mind.  Perk up your brain and nourish it.  Convert knowledge into wisdom.  


Follow all of these steps and you’ll see for yourself.  Make a difference.  Go now; prove it to yourself as well as to others.   


Just remember, the secret to success is responsibility, accountability, determination, dedication, cooperation, inspiration, ingenuity, creativeness and diligence and attentiveness.