A Change Will Do You Good

A Change Will Do You Good



It’s a cliché that says ‘only change and tax are constant in this world,’ yet nothing can be more profound. It says it all. Whether you like it or not, you will have to deal with a lot of changes in your life. The outcome of such change will primarily depend on your attitude towards it. Your behavior will greatly affect how you deal with life’s unpredictability.


Change may be a bit strenuous but it will happen all the same. Here are some tips on how to deal with it:


  • Comprehension. You must try to understand what the change is all about and what it is for. Everything in life happens for a reason- another cliché but very true. You need to go beyond the glazing of confusing events and uncover hidden truths about what really is happening. You are in a tunnel on a transition towards the light at the end. If you will just let things be without really trying to analyze their reality, you will never completely comprehend their nature even when you have reached the end of the tunnel. You may have glimpsed light but in reality there really is no total awareness.


  • Acceptance. Change, usually, will take its toll on you. It’s not going to be a smooth and easy ride towards the new you. Acknowledgment of the fact that you are in a phase where you need to adapt new ways of living, is a good reinforcement to comprehension. You may have understood what it’s all about but if you cannot accept the reality of what you need to deal with, you will get stuck at first base. You need to embrace the nature of change as if it were your friend. Once you get acquainted with change, the transition will somehow unfold to be less burdensome than what you expected.


  • Live. Just because a major transformation is occurring in your life, it doesn’t mean everything about you has to go with it. You need to carry on. Live your life according to your terms. You may need to adjust some areas of your life but you don’t need to alter the whole thing. Change involves time and you need to let it settle in. Your life does not need to stop while you are in the transition period.


Occasionally you may find yourself being overwhelmed by the intensity of new twists and turns that are happening in your life and those around you. Whether you will embrace these new events unfolding within your circle with much optimism or not, totally depends on you.